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from the blackest porn ever, a sexual move where a black man attempts to get his nutsack into a white chicks ass at the same time as he puts his dick in her pussy. Must be accompanied with such black phrases as aaw nigga, spread that ass and booya. Throught out this time the woman must not speak or move or show any sign or understanding that she's having a black man put his nutsack in her ass and his dick in her pussy, otherwise it ruins the whole effect...aaw nigga!
black man 1: look at that punk ass white chick!
black man 2: nuts in the ass dick in the pussy!
black man 1: AAW NIGGA!
Surrounding black men: Spread that ass!
by Mace April 25, 2006

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a bribe, usually from a someone in business/private sector to someone in government/politics, to either "look the other way" or to allow the business person to carry on with an unscrupulous venture.
"Mr. Smith, the businessman, offered Mr. Jones, the local district representative, an undisclosed amount of money to clear the conservation area of all its trees and wildlife, in order to build yet another housing subdivision.....neither gentleman was available for comment."
by mace November 28, 2004

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The delicate skin located between the vagina and the anus, sometimes used by men (and some women), as a breather during prolong and intensive beaver eating session. It's vital to add that the majority of women would prefer a post-shaved chin. Some women can tolerate a beard stating that it excites the surface nerves, and can cause moderate orgasmic quakes.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: There have been numerous complaints that a 2 to 3 day growth of stubble can have the same effect as 100 grain sandpaper on this delicate area.
Herbie was new to this, but he was getting the hang of it. Now, 25 minutes later, he sensed trouble when his lower lip and jaw started going numb. Plus his lungs were crying for fresh air. "Dammit!", he thought. He unknowingly dragged his stubbled-chin roughly onto Sally's chin rest, removing a couple of layers of skin in the process and mumbled weakly, "Time-out."
by mace April 11, 2004

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to end or avoid an awkward situation by starting a conversation with someone about something.
"If you start to feel weird or uncomfortable at the party tonight, try to think of something to break the ice."
by Mace November 25, 2007

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a sarcastic reply to someone who utters a statement that is obvious or that goes without saying.
gf: "maybe we should just go with the Jimmy...it's cheaper than the Cadillac SUV.

bf: "...ummm....ya think??"
by mace May 23, 2005

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a group of very ugly or freakish looking people, or a place where these neanderthals can be found
we drove though compton one day, all the drunks, the junkies, escapees from the nuthouse....I tell you it was straight out of the bar scene from Star Wars!
by mace April 06, 2004

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a euphemism for drug smuggling or trafficking, usually involving the mob.
my sister stopped seeing that Giovanni dude after she was informed about the "trucking" industry he was in.
by Mace April 19, 2006

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