Hey look daddy has sherbert on his dick! Hes such a sherbert daddy
by L9vebugs September 17, 2017
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A term for the drug Ketamine
Man 1 : Mate why is he rolling around on the floor like a spaz?

Man 2 : He's had a phat line of weirdo sherbert!

Man 1 : Haha
by Alexss September 25, 2007
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The act of agreeing or commending an accomplishment
Christian: Did you see Monta go for 50 last night?

Bobby: Fer Sherbert
by Artsy8 March 25, 2009
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A ritual dance done to appease Timothy Sherbert, god of brain freeze, so that he may show pity on the dancer(s) and relieve them of their brain freeze. This dance is usually composed of twitching, facial contortion, and hopping. It can also be more organized than that, but, in any case, must be awkward and comical to watch, otherwise, by common belief, it will not amuse Timothy nor earn his pity for one's plight.
"The Sherbert Dance is our only chance for salvation... that, and eating slowly... or just not eating food that's so cold."
by D351 January 25, 2007
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sherbert suprise Is when sherbert(any flavor) is put on a womans vagina while she is blind folded and handcuffed. Next the woman is eaten out and casual sex takes place until both parties are satisfied.
Dude, I gave my girlfriend a sherbert suprise last night. It was awesome.
by Dr. Bogard August 6, 2007
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When a man is receiving oral sex from another person, the man forces his cock down their throat and holds their head down, causing them them to gag and vomit onto the penis.
"Did you see that Max Hardcore video?"
"Yeah, he was tearing her up then he made her give him some serious Orange Sherbert!"
by CFM DaBeast April 18, 2009
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