Sherbert is for kids who can't afford heroin!!!
Jimmie: o crapsticks i run outta dough lets go and buy sum sherbert instead!
Bob:Fuck u dawg!!!
by ..:::RuBiEs..GlOoM:::.. December 24, 2005
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Open yer mouth, bitch. I'm about ta shoot the sherbert.
by Roach Clip January 12, 2004
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Post-coital (sex, fuck) residue (cum, spunk, gizzum,muck) left on bed sheets.
You had better not let your mum wash those sheets, they are covered in linen sherbert.
by Notorious O.T March 17, 2004
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When someone shits on you while your taking a shit.
"Yesterday she gave me a brown sherbert!"

"I just love brown sherberts."
by DaBagel October 17, 2012
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1) Fire Water Pint A cheeky sherbert is another phrase for nipping to the local establishment for a beverage of the alcoholic nature.
Note: Usually pronounced using the voice of Austin Powers, originating from 'Orange Sherbert'
A Mr Lukins may be participating in several of these over the weekend!
2) lady bird girl chick Can also be used for referring to a well faced, nice bodied feminine creature. Accompanied by the phrase clocked when noticed and speaking in code to a fellow bird watcher.
1) a hot girl walks into a bar and you notice her and say to a mate ' ooooh check out that cheeky sherbert'
by Rich Sutton November 17, 2006
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