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Expression of mild pleasure or congratulations. It is generally used as a reaction to either a statement or an event of some sort. As this is a word of mild pleasure it is general deemed inappropriate for statement at orgasm. It is also, sometimes used as an understatement when congratulating one on something if used in a sarcastic tone, especially if the event being congratulated is disadventageous or unpleasant to the user. (not intended for use as an adjective)

Historically, it is widely believed to have originated on the television show, Batman Beyond. However, some believe that it is merely a word that naturally forms under certain circumstances in all English-speaking cultures. Many people have found themselves asked where they heard the word, but have no idea where, and have not even seen Batman Beyond at all. Some even believe that the word "shway" is capable of attaining wide usage in english-speaking cultures that have never had contact with the outside world, given enough time. General these people are considered to be insane by the scientific community. Even more shunned are the extreme minority who believe that "shway" is not a word at all, but the name of a non-corpreal entity that is desperately seeking recognition through the manipulation of the minds of the human species.
Correct usage:
"Dude, I just found twenty bucks on the walk up to the loft!"
Other correct usage:
"I figured you might want some too, so I bought an extra twelve-pack."
Incorrect usage:
That was shway..."
Other incorrect usage:
"Oh my god! I'm about to.... Shway!"
by D351 January 24, 2007

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Someone who plays the drums. Male drummers are commonly looked upon negatively by most other males, and positively by females. Oddly enough, though, these females who are in to drummers rarely act on their compulsion. As for female drummers, they are too rarely in the public eye to get accurate statistics. Also, drummers are notorious for being in as little clothing as one can possibly get away with at any given time. Many believe this to be due to the extreme effort put forth by a good drummer, as they get quite hot and sweaty, also one possible reason for the female reaction, but this theory is discredited by the common case in which this anti-clothing behavior is carried over in to offstage life, such as public appearances and music videos. (see Tony Kanal, of No Doubt)There are many who would speculate wether this anti-clothing behavior carries over to females as well, but there is presently very little available data on the subject. For the most part, female drummers are known to behave like farely normal women, only recieving the personality traits of a drummer and little of the outward behavior. This is mostly speculation, though, for, as was said, there is little data on the subject.
Though there is little data on the subject, I'm sure Data would love to be all over some female drummers.
by D351 January 26, 2007

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1. Mexican Immigrant Liberation Front, a fictional, millitant organization of Mexican immigrants and their descendents, with the goal of taking back the lands of their forefathers (western and southern US). This is a highly organized organization, hence it being called an organization. (even more secretive than the IRA, a very similar organization) This is why there is absolutely no evidence as to the existance of such an organization.

2. "Mother I'd like to fuck"

3. A joke played on the US gov't, the comedy being in the relationship between the two previous definitions. (see hoax)
It would appear that the bombing of the Junior Chamber of Commerce was an act of MILF, a much-feared organization that has been under heavy investigation for years now.
by D351 January 27, 2007

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An updated version of the original Playstation (PSX) console. It was smaller, white, and had an attachable monitor that had to be purchased separately. It was designed to be more travel-friendly and to make Sony some extra money before the release of the PS2. This was a moderate success.
Despite what many think, the PS1 was not the first Playstation, but an update of the original console.
by D351 February 02, 2007

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A person who studies and discuses the arts of magic(k), treating themself as an authority on both the practical applications as well as the histories behind the techniques, with very little (usually none) actual experience in its use. This is a person who has probably read a great deal of literature written by members (or ex-members) of the Golden Dawn and/or a great deal of metaphysical theory (Chaos Magick being a common choice). Generally, these people come in one of two varieties, a: the overly accepting type, typified by the statement, "Well, it should work... in theory" and b: the overly pessemistic type, typified by the statement, "You can't do THAT!". Generally, the second type is deemed more annoying, being that they tend to have a highly negative reaction to any concept, theory, or technique that they have not already read about in a book that has been published for more than ten years. There are some, however, who find things the opposite, finding the rediculous ideas expounded by type a bordering on offensive. (a term generally used amongst Pagans, occultists, and other magic(k)-practicing people)
a: "Well, the theory is sound."
"Yes, but if every 'sound theory' actually worked, I'd have a twelve-inch cock and would fly to work every day"

b: "Well, Roger says that it won't work"
"Well, Roger is an armchair magician, and, if we listened to him, we'd all be doing lesser banishing rituals of the pentagram every time we wipe our asses."
by D351 January 25, 2007

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Goa is a unique part of India, once a colony of Portugal. If you are in any major multicultural city (Toronto, London, Dubai), you will find Indian people with Portuguese last names, they are generally from Goa.

Also a form of trance music. See Goa Trance.
"Is that kid Spanish?"
"No, hes Goan, he has Portuguese ancestry, thats why he has that last name and is brown at the same time"
by D351 August 11, 2006

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A fad that started with certain female celebrities who got black eyes from their husbands/boyfriends, but needed to make public appearances anyway. They aren't cute, or appealing in any way. Their only purpose is covering one's bruises and/or making oneself look like an uppity bitch by purposely hiding ones expressions behind a bitch-trendy facade.
Big sunglasses don't say "I'm better than you". They say "I think I'm better than you because he still loves me even if he does beat my ass every night after the show."
by D351 January 30, 2007

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