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A ritual dance done to appease Timothy Sherbert, god of brain freeze, so that he may show pity on the dancer(s) and relieve them of their brain freeze. This dance is usually composed of twitching, facial contortion, and hopping. It can also be more organized than that, but, in any case, must be awkward and comical to watch, otherwise, by common belief, it will not amuse Timothy nor earn his pity for one's plight.
"The Sherbert Dance is our only chance for salvation... that, and eating slowly... or just not eating food that's so cold."
by D351 January 25, 2007
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An updated version of the original Playstation (PSX) console. It was smaller, white, and had an attachable monitor that had to be purchased separately. It was designed to be more travel-friendly and to make Sony some extra money before the release of the PS2. This was a moderate success.
Despite what many think, the PS1 was not the first Playstation, but an update of the original console.
by D351 February 2, 2007
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In slang, can be used in replacement of either "a lot" or "very"
"It is fucking massive hot out here."
"Yeah,being stuck out in the heat sucks massive."
by D351 February 1, 2007
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1. Mexican Immigrant Liberation Front, a fictional, millitant organization of Mexican immigrants and their descendents, with the goal of taking back the lands of their forefathers (western and southern US). This is a highly organized organization, hence it being called an organization. (even more secretive than the IRA, a very similar organization) This is why there is absolutely no evidence as to the existance of such an organization.

2. "Mother I'd like to fuck"

3. A joke played on the US gov't, the comedy being in the relationship between the two previous definitions. (see hoax)
It would appear that the bombing of the Junior Chamber of Commerce was an act of MILF, a much-feared organization that has been under heavy investigation for years now.
by D351 January 27, 2007
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A large clumsy oaf with no coordination.
Shut up, you freakin' mook!
by D351 February 2, 2007
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The state of having fallen so far in love that one's head is no longer over one's heels but under them, leaving them in a position of not even being able to scrutinize the situation (head in the sand) when there are obvious signs that things are going down hill, or they aren't being treated right. Things do not have to be going wrong for one to be "head in the sand in love". It is merely a very good way of telling. Also, one whom is "head in the sand in love" will not notice any faults at all in the person of their obsession.
Looking back, she may have screwed me over really bad, but I can never know for sure... I guess I'm still head in the sand in love.
by D351 January 31, 2007
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A magic word used to get irritating people to go away. Whisper it quietly to yourself for a while as a calming mantra, and if that doesn't work, enunciate loudly and clearly, "GO. EAT. A. DICK!" This practice is found in the retail and customer service professions of some english-speaking cultures.
"Gawidadik, gawidadik, gawidadik..."
by D351 July 25, 2014
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