at leisure; so as not to disrupt; in due time
He attended his duties forthwith; which is to say he spent the afternoon smelling the grass, contemplating what time the following week would best be filled with said activities.
by hermesius February 10, 2011
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Something you shout out after saying something to emphasize it. Usually meant to be funny.
Fred: Hand me the nachos Steve.
Steve: You get 'em, they're like two feet away from you.
by Wesley Durrance September 19, 2005
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A word used by New York City emergency services when they need an additional resource without delay, immediately. Usually used in the situation of a life or death emergency involving a cop, firefighter, or EMT/paramedic.
19Adam lemme get a bus forthwith for an injured MOS.
by someEMTorParamedic December 16, 2022
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