I'm from that ATL, Shawty
by Calvin Parsons October 2, 2002
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An abbreviation of the city Atlanta, located in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is well-known for being the birth city of many song artists, mainly rappers (Nivea, Lil' John, Usher, The Ying Yang Twins, etc.). The abbreviated word is often shouted out by artists who hail from the Georgia area.
Usher: "Peace up, A-town down"

Lil John: "Yeahhh!!! ATL for real!"

Ying Yang Twins: "ATL, no disrespecee..."
by big dogg June 13, 2004
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Atlanta is a big metropolitan city with a lot of opportunity, and is constantly hated on by northerners. As myself being a native Atlantan, I will set the record straight on how ATL really is: Atlanta is home to top people like Martin Luther King, Hosea Williams, Creflo Dollar, Gladys Knight, Hank Aaron, T.I., Luda and etc. Atlanta city has roughly 500,000 people living there and roughly 6-7 million people in the metropolitan area. The population is still growing steadily.

Buckhead: Buckhead is an extremely affluent area located north of downtown atlanta where the major streets are Peachtree St, Piedmont Rd, and Pharr Rd. Buckhead is infested with sky lofts, high-rise condos and nightclubs. North Buckhead has many multi-million dollar houses. Buckhead is probably 90% white and celebs like Martin Lawrence, Young Jeezy, Jeff Foxworthy, Indigo Girls are calling Buckhead home.

MIDTOWN: Midtown is close to Downtown Atlanta where the major street is West Ponce De Leon Ave. Midtown has many nightclubs and lounges and welcomes the gay scene in Atlanta, and is also known for the famous "Piedmont Park".

DOWNTOWN: Exciting!!! Home to tall skycrapers, tourist attractions and historic sites such as MLK Historic District, CNN Building, Margaret Mitchell's Home (Gone With The Wind), Ebenezer Baptist, Turner Field, World of Coca-Cola, etc. Underground USED to be a diversed area, but was transformed into a ghetto mall and a nightlife area.

SOUTH OF DOWNTOWN: I'm not gon lie. It is ghetto as fuck!! Neighborhoods like Summerhill, Mechanicsville(like in the movie ATL), Pittsburgh, and Peoplestown are hood. Mechanicsville has been "rebuilt" but still remains a place for drugs and crime. Many people recognize this area as Zone 3.

WEST OF DOWNTOWN: Bankhead which is an infamous neighborhood on the westside of Atlanta has a rep for crime and murders and rappers such as T.I., Shawty Lo, Young Dro, Shop Boyz, and Dem Franchize Boys proudly scream out this hood in many of their songs. The Westside for the last several decades has been known to be a war zone. Simpson Road, now renamed Joseph E. Boone Blvd, and Hollywood Road is also infamous for trouble which T.I. and Young Dro also mention in some of their songs.

This area includes Adamsville, Ben Hill, Vine City and Cascade. Adamsville is the childhood neighborhood to rappers like Killer Mike and Bone Crusher. Ben Hill is home to the one-hit wonder group, "Ben Hill Squad". Ben Hill has been an area with many black-owned businesses. Part of Ben Hill is considered hood while the other part is where the well-to-do blacks reside. Vine City is a neighborhood near the Georgia Dome where for years have been a buncha drug dealers and the Nine-trey bloods had once took over. And at last I can't forget Cascade which is split in two parts: the ghetto side, and the rich black side where every black Atlanta mayor has lived. The more affluent side has been home to many black doctors and black lawyers and celebs (ex. Creflo Dollar, Joseph Lowery, Andrew Young, Hank Aaron, Toni Braxton, etc)

EAST OF DWNTWN: Kirkwood, Edgewood, and East Lake are all neighborhoods that have been cleaned up for the most part after the years of declining, drug trade and crime, even though certain spots of Edgewood and East Lake still remains trouble.

SANDY SPRINGS: Located just north of Buckhead and is super-upscale. Just incase you didnt know, Mr. Garnett's house(on the movie ATL) was located right in Sandy Springs. A lot of affluent people live here and has a big reputation of being a rich area. It is a mix between a black and white population, where you will find pretty white girls and preppy black girls(which are also pretty).

COBB COUNTY: Cobb County, a county north-west of Atlanta is an overall nice, upscale county and is kind of segregated. East Cobb is mostly white people and has expensive housing. South Cobb has a lot of blacks and is middle-class. Marietta has become very penetrated with white, black, hispanic, oriental and so forth. Kennesaw and Smyrna are pretty uppity too.

GWINNETT COUNTY: All walks of life live here. Many people, especially us blacks may call Gwinnett a "white county" which is NOT true and is one of the biggest lies in history. This area has become very diversed with a great deal of hispanics, followed by the blacks, and then you have other races such as Korean, Vietnamese and Indians have came in. If you are a guy, you will find plenty of beauty that comes in diversity. The girls here are from different ethnic backgrounds but most of them are attractive. Gwinnett County has a lot of big houses that range between the mid 100s to the multi-millions.

NORTH FULTON: Include places such as Alpharetta and Roswell. Very uppity. You would have to be making some kind of paper to live here. Alpharetta was once predominately white but has now became diversed just like much of the northside. Roswell is probably still mostly white but a few upscale blacks and other ethnicities are starting to creep in. Alpharetta is home to people like Lil Jon, and others.

DEKALB COUNTY(my county): Split right across the middle. Yes, true it is somewhat segregated. North half of Dekalb is majority white with places such as Dunwoody, and NORTH Decatur. South Dekalb is the "black" side and has places like Ellenwood, South Decatur(Candler Rd, Glenwood, Gresham Rd), Lithonia and Stone Mountain. Decatur is known for being hood and having a high crime rate, but also have areas where upper class or middle-upper class blacks reside (ex. around Flat Shoals Pkwy, Flakes Mill Rd, and the bottom of Wesley Chapel). Ellenwood, parts of Stone Mountain and Lithonia also have upscale areas and are almost entirely black.

CLAYTON COUNTY(Clay Co): Carrying a bad name. Crime rates skyrocketing. Ghetto inhabitants. Terrible school system. Known for ghetto areas like Riverdale and Forest Park. But I will say that some parts of Clay Co are actually nice.

SOUTH FULTON: Predominately black. College Park and East Point both sit in South Fulton. College Park and its neighbor East Point has a reputation following it for robbers, ghetto inhabitants and thugs, which is partially true. Even though both have some ghetto parts, they also have upscale parts, like the Camp Creek area, which runs from College through East Point. Camp Creek is another area which is upscale, but is almost entirely black. Rappers like Ludacris, Pastor Troy, Monica, TLC Yung Joc, Big Boi and Playas Circle are from College Park. Gorilla Zoe is from East Point.

There are a host of celebs that currently live in College Park such as T-Pain, Ludacris, Monica, T-Boz, Young Dro, and Big Kuntry King.

HENRY COUNTY: Very suburbish but nice. Was once primarily white, but now a mixture of black and white.

FORSYTH COUTNY: Another suburb. Don't know much about it, but heard its racist out there.

ROCKDALE COUNTY: Suburbish. Point-blank period.

NEWTON COUNTY: Depressing.
"I'm moving to the ATL."

"What is ATL?"

by A-Town Boi July 11, 2009
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T.I- All through the ATL come and Ride with a G
by STRaiGT G July 7, 2006
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Abbreviation of Atlanta.
Mostly used by OutKast and other hometown MC's
"ATL, Georgia"
"ATLiens-style on yo' azz!
by Theory (Dutch MC) October 10, 2003
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Birthplace of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
ATL is where Gladys Knight took the Midnight Train,
The birthplace of Martin Luther King.
by Daniel C. April 2, 2006
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Acronym for pop-punk band, All Time Low.

WHO are the members?
Alex Gaskarth - lead vocals, guitar
Jack Barakat - guitar, backup vocals
Rian Dawson - drums
Zack Merrick - bass, backup vocals

WHAT have they done?
The Three Words to Remember In Dealing With the End - 2004 EP
The Party Scene - 2005 Album
Put Up or Shut Up - 2006 EP
So Wrong It's Right - 2007 Album

WHEN did they get signed?
2004-2006 : Emerald Moon Records
2006-Present : Hopeless Records

WHERE did they come from?
Lutherville-Timonium, Marlyand (near Baltimore)

WHY should I care?
If you like any of the following bands, you should care:
The Academy Is...
Amber Pacific
Boys Like Girls
Cobra Starship
Cute Is What We Aim For
The Dangerous Summer
Every Avenue
Fall Out Boy
Forever the Sickest Kids
Friday Night Boys
Hit The Lights
Jack's Mannequin
Just Surrender
The Maine
Mayday Parade
New Found Glory
This Providence
We The Kings
...& many, many more
sarahATL: Hey, you're an ATL fan!

SoWrongItsJenn: Yeah. All Time Low is my all time high!
by tanister February 2, 2009
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