1.Layer of stuff on bed
2. Stuff in your pants after Mexican food
3. Slang for shit
by TanksAlotYT June 13, 2019
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Sheet (v) - to tweet while using the restroom, (n) a text written while the author is on the pot.
Thank goodness Ricky only sent me a sheet and not a shumblr.
by Dave Perlins February 26, 2013
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Can be used to describe denominations of 1,000. Often used by gamblers to disguise their actual dollar amount that they are betting on.
"I dropped a sheet in Vegas gambling on basketball!"
by WeatherMess October 17, 2009
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A welshmans pronunciation of shit. Often herd at many a sporting event when they get their asses whooped.

It is often pronounced very slowly, as they are dumb creatures. The relaxed nature of the word also reflects their acceptance of the inevitable defeat.
we're playing Gary Speed and Mark Delaney at centre back, against the likes of Del Piero, Vieri, Montella, Totti, Inzaghi...

by mike November 30, 2003
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A derogatory term for a white man. Commonly used within the white community to describe a white man of a lesser status.
Jared: Im just going to stick these McNuggets right in my pocket, fuck the container.

Cody: What?! No! You mother fucking sheet, just carry that shit.
by walkin dumpsta March 14, 2011
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Verb: To Sheet
Recency: New - Age of Remote Working, Screen Sharing

An act by which you accidentally leave your Screen Share, or Camera on and embarrassing activity may be seen - such as masturbating, watching porn, or bad mouthing working colleagues.
1: Oh no, did you know John SHEET himself - he left his camera on and wanked onto a teddy bear.
2: Haha, Sarah left her screen share on, and slagged of her boss and other people message here. Everyone saw it. It was so embarrassing. Can't believe she SHEET herself.
by Gridder June 17, 2021
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