that time of the month when a lady undergoes menstruation- ie her period.
boy to girl- what's wrong with you? you're being a bitch.
girl to boy- it's sharkweek.
by ellewinter April 21, 2010
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the week of the oh so dreaded menstral cycle or periods

used in public by girls I need of tampons or pads

the shark part is used because of the blood

the week part is well it last a week
example 1
girl: (in a group of people) do you have stuff for shark week?

other girl: yeah come with me

boy: u wanna see my bate or something?

example 2

girl: ugh it's shark week

other girl: ugh I know

boy: shark wee isn't till next month weirdo..?
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by A.llxson May 15, 2016
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The time of the month when you do not want to be swimming with Sharks
'Sorry I can't go swimming, it's Shark Week'
'Sorry I can't have sex, it's Shark Week'
'No I'm not a bitch, it's Shark Week'
by EvilRoberta March 10, 2015
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The time during a woman's menstral cycle in which she attacks and tries to murder those around her.
I'm not going over to my girlfriend's place until Tuesday- it's shark week over there.
by fuckfacebitchez February 27, 2015
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when your girlfriend or old lady is on the rag. that time of the month.
cm1nicholson: you gonna go home and get some ass tonight?
cm2ford: hell no it's shark week at my house!!! there's blood in the water
by cm2ford port hueneme March 11, 2011
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When a poolee in the marines is so fat and slow, two other poolees' have to run back to get him and circle him like sharks.
Shark ..... week
by dome condom August 27, 2010
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