the week a woman experiences menstruation
Shannon was in a bad mood because it was shark week.
by Carina August 13, 2005
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A week during the summer in which Discovery Channel airs its annual "Shark Week" and everyone on earth pretends to watch it and makes sure that all of their friends know by plastering stupid shit (e.g. Facebook status updates) all over the Internet. Usually no one really knows when Shark Week is until it actually happens because no one really cares about sharks any other week of the year. An overhyped show that everyone just claims they watch to look cool in front of their friends.
Facebook Status Update: "Shark weekkkkkk ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"
"May the sharks be ever in your favor lol happy shark week 2012(:"
"Shark Week starts @9pm. Cant miss it!!"
"Oh, hey shark week!"
by IDontWatchSharkWeek August 13, 2012
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Shark week - A term used by female to male trans individuals, in order to reduce dysphoria triggered by using the word period, as this is gendered to be a female experience.
Poor guy, he's going through shark week...
by ssasmr October 1, 2018
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the week of the oh so dreaded menstral cycle or periods

used in public by girls I need of tampons or pads

the shark part is used because of the blood

the week part is well it last a week
example 1
girl: (in a group of people) do you have stuff for shark week?

other girl: yeah come with me

boy: u wanna see my bate or something?

example 2

girl: ugh it's shark week

other girl: ugh I know

boy: shark wee isn't till next month weirdo..?
by A.llxson May 15, 2016
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"Dude, it's shark week!"
"I know Dude, I haven't seen sunlight in 4 days!"
by lifeisawesome August 5, 2009
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The week of the female human's menstruation.
Came into play since the sharks brain is surprisingly similar to the female uterus.
Fuck, I can't go swimming this week, it's shark week.
by alilmissmisfit March 8, 2016
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a shark's brain looks like a vagina hence, a girl's monthly period is called Shark WEEK
by iamsomerhalder October 23, 2010
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