The week of a girl's period.
Kay: "Taya, Shark Week for you is starting soon."
Taya: "Oh shit, have you started?
Kat: "Yup"
Michelle: "Well fuck, that means I'm starting soon, too!"
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Josh: "Why aren't you home with your girl tonight?"
Mikey: "Dude, it's shark week! There's blood in the water. I'll see her in 5-7 days"
by Wordpervect December 12, 2014
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The week of the female human's menstruation.
Came into play since the sharks brain is surprisingly similar to the female uterus.
Fuck, I can't go swimming this week, it's shark week.
by alilmissmisfit August 07, 2016
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If you have a girl who gives blowjobs with a lot of teeth involved, it's that time of the month where blowjobs are all you get because she's on her period.
"Johnny said he's been chewed to pieces by Sally - I guess it must be Shark Week again"
by AGeezy September 14, 2009
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shark week refers to the one week of the month where a woman menstruates, hereby bleeding profusely from the vagina. it is coined shark week because the amount of blood that drips/streams out of the vagina resembles an attack carried out by sharks on a human in the ocean. it also feels like a shark is attacking the host. also lasts one week.
human- *reaches out to touch female in the pants
female- no
human- oh but why?
famale- because sharkweek
by envylies January 29, 2016
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The term referring to "that time of the month" (her period.) This term is derived due to the fact it feels as if Jaws is down under and fucking things up worse then thunder ever could. Thunder down under
"Man what's my women's problem?!"
"Dude it is obviously shark week"
by Spelvirki July 23, 2016
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