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1) To give someone the hard eye is to look at them with disapproval/disdain/dislike. You give someone the hard eye when you don't know them- you just know you don't like them. Like when someone won't stop swearing when you've got small children with you. That merits a serving of hard eye.

2) To appraise something critically. One assumes that aspiring models are given the hard eye when they apply to an agency. It's when you look for things to dislike rather than things to like.
1) The mouthy teens on the bus continued to talk at deafening volume and play offensive rap music on their mobile phones, despite being given the hard eye by 90% of the passengers.

2) After giving Vanessa the hard eye as she walked to the loo, Doug decided he wouldn't be taking "her" home after all.
by MagickDio January 08, 2011
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A headline grabber is a person who is a HUGE attention seeker. If they are in some kind of trouble, ill, had an argument, or are bored, you'll know about it. And so will everyone else. People that can be legitimately titled "Headline Grabber" are;
1) Those that cut themselves and make sure everyone sees the wounds as they stare melodramatically into the distance
2)Those that think they "might be pregnant" all the time
3) Anyone who goes out wearing PVC trousers or a string vest
4)People who have got "such a headache" every time you speak to them, and the "stupid doctors" can't work it out
5)People who "just can't talk about it- no, don't make me! I can't tell you, it's too horrible"
6) Girls that tell their male friends that their boyfriend is a bastard, and then get them to start on him- only to declare undying love for him a few moments after the drama has subsided
"Ignore Shaz in her stupid PVC trousers and string vest. She thinks she's pregnant again. Fucking headline grabber"

"Look at those emo kids with their trendy arm slashes. Headline grabbers; let's hiss at them!"
by MagickDio March 15, 2010
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Sitting on leather seats with bare skin on a hot day is asking for trouble. When you attempt to rise from the seat, you have to rip your skin from the surface that it has practically merged with, thus giving yourself a painful Leather Flaying experience. If you're lucky, you won't have made full body contact. Having sex on a leather sofa is a big mistake. 50% of the gasps and moans will be of pain as you tear your body away, leaving 6 layers of skin behind.
"Your back looks all sunburnt, Jim"
"It's not, I was shagging Vicky on the sofa and got a serious leather flaying"
by MagickDio March 07, 2010
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A lot of scary looking people have what is known as "Gun Face." It's when you feel confident in saying that a person owns a gun and has brandished it or has a gun on their person purely from the appearance of their face. Their expression is unsettling- a mix of insanity,glee and contemplation, as if they're wondering if they've got enough old carpet left to roll their next victim up in.

Vin Diesel (if that IS his real name) has Gun Face.
I don't want to go to the post office. The guy behind the counter has Gun Face, and is probably going to snap any day now!
by MagickDio January 08, 2011
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someone who is otherwise unemployed, and spends their entire waking life trawling the internet for free pornography.
"Since Gary lost his job, he has become a full time Internet Explorer"

"Don't be an internet explorer all your life. Get some real sex"
by MagickDio February 06, 2010
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Cum that was expelled through masturbation, ie- "Jacking", and has not been cleaned up, allowing it to go shiny and slightly crisp, like cake frosting.

Typically found in teenagers bedrooms, although fully grown men that have wank addictions have been known to jack frost their carpet on a regular basis.
Danielle thought she had hit the jackpot with Steven. He was kind, considerate, and seemed to be very house proud. She relaxed happily on the sofa, thinking about how great her relationship was- until she noticed the Jack Frosting on one of the cushions.
by MagickDio April 23, 2010
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1) A list of people you want to shag

2)A list of sexual acts, each of which has a number of "points" attached to it. This is usually a list drawn up with a group of mates, and a competition ensues to see who can get the highest score. It's not usually a list of delightful acts to blissfully orgasm your way through, it's designed to be more of a test of endurance. For example, rimming someone over 2 and a half times your age would gain you 200 points, whereas performing full oral servicing on someone 2 and a half times your weight would net you 1000. There's usually a trophy act which involves all holes and someone smokin' hot but it's infinitely easier to nail the god awful stuff.
1) I just added Michael to my hit list, he's delicious.

2)K~ "Ok, I rimmed the 56 year old bloke. Chalk up my 200"

D~ "I made that weird kid cum in his trousers at the bar, which is 100, and tossed that footballer off under the table , which is another 150, so that's 250 for me!"

T~"Well, I gave that 30 stone woman full oral servicing, so I need 1000 points and some kind of super strength mouthwash"
by MagickDio April 27, 2010
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