Shared masturbation, but not the same as mutual masturbation as you only masturbate yourself.

"Sharies is when you and a friend each take care of yourself but not each other. Usually you do it when you're sitting together and holding hands. Group sharies is when you do it with a group while you're sitting in a circle. But you can't do sharies if you're holding hands with two people! lol"
I love doing sharies with my best bud Lorien. She totally squeezes my hand when she cums! Sweet!
by Miley Spears January 20, 2009
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yo...last nite was shari shari
by threeq December 29, 2007
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A Shari is a rare find in such a vast world. You'll find out once you get a good chance to know her (Sharis are mostly girls). They tend to be quite shy and quiet, which is why they're so rare and hard to find, but it only makes them cuter once you get to know them. They tend to have real passion for music and they have dark-chocolate coloured eyes that reflect light when she laughs making her eyes light up like the heavens on a clear night sky. Shari is an incredible person, don't pass up an opportunity to get to know this astounding and amazing person.
"I met a Shari the other day."

"You'd better stay with her"
by NeutralSwissPerson April 10, 2018
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Pronounced "Sharpie" but with no p. The name for an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful, hardworking, and outgoing girl. Someone who is easy to talk to, cares about others. Is super good at explaining things to people. She can be a little spiratic but only in a good way. She brings positive vibes, and bright smiles to anyone in proximity. Typically there is only one every 1000 years or so.
Hey Max! How was your date last night?

Dude you have no idea, she was a Shari!!
by Maxamus1234 December 30, 2014
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A young religious man yet humble with everyone. Bright future ahead of him.
He’s good with everyone, he’s Shariful no wonder.
by jackesu12 June 2, 2020
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Destroyer of negative comments. Don't disrespect her. shari says toss boy will regret his actions against her
Shari has set toss boy back to hel where he belongs
by Social prescriber July 5, 2022
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hot woman, great in bed, will wow you with her personality, amazingly gifted in all areas, men can never say no, women are jealous, amazingly good kisser, just great overall
Shari is a great person
Everyone should feel blessed to know her
by penguinprincess2 February 2, 2010
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