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Shandria is the most beautiful girl she really chill and she love taking pics she not the babyish type and she go out with one boy
by Christ pear May 01, 2018
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A very nice person who can be dated if you just asked her out will do anything for her friends and will try her hardest not to give up is very loving and cares about your feelings even when you think she doesnt will be there for you and will never leave your side unless told to do so will never give up on her team even if her team gives up on themselfs will talk to anyone and is not shy what so ever has some anger problems but nothing that cant be concored by her friends she is a very loving person and is very very very loyal to her boyfriend sometimes best paired with Ericks Davids Derek's Landens and even Denis's if u know anyone named Shandria and a friends name is one listed above tell your friend to ask her out
Boy 1: Omg Shandria is so hot and is awesome at sports!!! I love her ❤
Boy 2: Go and ask her out Erick you two will make a great couple!!
Erick(boy 1): You sure david I know how much you like her I don't want to come between you two

David(boy 2): it's ok Erick go get her tiger!!!
(Shandria and Erick lived happyly ever after while Ericks best friend david started suffering from depression THE END)
by Baller1231🏀 November 25, 2018
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