The greatest quarterback in the history of football. Not only for his unmatchable talent, but for his personality, values, and great example on and off the field.
Steve Young was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX and connected for a record breaking 6 touchdown passes in that game.
by Jon Beutler April 24, 2005
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Eight ball of cocaine or meth. Refers to the number that Steve Young wore during his career in football.
My buddies and I went through a Steve Young in one night.
by ctnmhs May 31, 2011
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Splash like a fountain, come get it wet splash mountain
Gravy just piped your accountant (god damn),come get it wet splash mountain
Bitch splash, gravy all over my cash
Young Steve Nash, pull up and I motherfucking splash
by Young Steve Nash February 12, 2018
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