The t-shirt a guy gives a girl after kicking her out in the morning after a one night stand.
That girl is crazy, have you seen her collection of shacker shirts?
by Jackbower March 5, 2015
Who 's that girl with the shacker shirt? oh, it's just alysha
by crazybat March 10, 2018
An extremely comfortable shirt given to a “significant other” who spent the night and needs a spare change of clothes to look stylish on their walk home
Sorry you have to spend the morning in your top from last night, I’m out of shacker shirts :(
by Nunyabizness69 January 11, 2022
something a shacker (usually female) will take home after spending the night at someone's place such as a t-shirt, usually something of very little value
Friend 1: Dude did you have a shacker last night
Friend 2: Yeah man and she took home a shacker prise, one of my favorite t-shirts
by Stephanie Quiroz June 14, 2007
Unresentfully offensive word similar to faggot and gaytard.
You are a Fallout Shacker!
by dark sider April 30, 2008
The sheet hung to hide you having a good time from your fraternity brothers
I couldn't even see him with his girl last night because of his shacker sheet.
by Maheis April 15, 2015
One who enjoys to hang out within the ass crack
Hey Marc, I heard you were crack shacking last night with Mitch. Is that true?
by Joel September 24, 2003