78 definitions by Joel

a codename for a homosexual obsession with tom cruise, usually originating in boys named pete. who think they are fucking awesome.
"man my mission impossible is really acting up today."
"yeah i know, i saw the stains."
by Joel June 23, 2004
a female who is abnormally friendly and loyal to a homosexual, usually copying everything the homosexual does, and in extreme cases, my even wordswitch teamsword
dude 1:dude, mallory only switched teams cause she's matt's fag hag
dude 2: yeah, but she's still really fucking hot!
dude 1: no shit!
by Joel February 27, 2003
Manuel de Jesus Alvarez Fanyardo (the Spaniard who discovered the fanyard)
by Joel October 1, 2003
v. i was doodleing your mom
n. lets go smoke some doodles
by Joel November 20, 2002
Mondays as opposed to hump day Wednesdays.
It's fricken thump day; can't wait till hump day!
by Joel March 9, 2005
"Thumbs fell off the ledge and broke a thumb off"
by Joel January 9, 2004
1. Flaunting your boring personality.

2. Bored with ones self.
1. "She's got a real blatitude."

2. "There's nothing to do man, I have such a lousy blatitude".
by Joel January 23, 2005