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a semi erect yet still malleable penis.
( )
| |
| |
(_l_) also see limp "dick"

the kid in the weight room had a chub.
by joel January 08, 2003

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referring to the female genitalia
Will can't wait for James to go to Purdue so he can get some of Emma's poontang
by Joel September 23, 2003

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1) A person from Massachusetts
2) A terrible driver
3) All of the above
Drive through Boston, and the meaning of the word will become clear.
WHAT THE HELL that fucking masshole just cut me off!
by Joel June 10, 2004

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over use of affectionate terms or actions to show ones feelings for another... often to the point where ones masculinity is questioned...
so there sarah ja`net
A guy sends gifts, sweet sayings, extra nice things to his girlfriend to try and make her feel special.
but does it all the time
by Joel September 10, 2004

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Tinky Winky is the tallest (and most noticable) Telletubby.

He is purple, with a purple triangle-shaped stem on his head. He enjoys singing, dancing, toting his pink purse, and most likely frequenting gay clubs after a hard day in Telletubby land.
Dipsy: Tinky Winky! Will you play with Laa-Laa's ball?

Tinky Winky: Dipsy, you and I both know you aren't articulate enough to form those sentences!

Dipsy: Oh... Erm, Tinky-Winky play with ball?

Tinky Winky: How about we play with two, big boy?

Dipsy: (cries)
by Joel April 13, 2005

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A term habitually used by African-American women after learning surprising news.
Mashantelle: I heard dat Latifette gots her hair all done in braids!

Latoyifa: Say whaaat?

Mashantelle: Mm-hm, girlfriend!
by Joel April 12, 2005

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The only dance move obese people can achieve on the dancefloor.
At Fat Joe's party, they have to play "Lean Back" over and over, so that everyone can dance.

They do this because Fat Joe's brother, Hefty Henry, broke his spine after attempting to dance to "Cha Cha Slide." Poor Henry.
by Joel April 13, 2005

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