a person (usually female) who sleeps over after a one night stand and walks home in the morning (frequent term on college campuses in dorms and frats)
Did the shacker leave yet?
by lisagirl April 7, 2003
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someone who sleeps over at random people's places after a night of drinking
setting: morning
did you hook up with that girl last night?
naw, she's just a shacker.
by txstateperson September 5, 2006
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Joy of Satan Ministries (JOS) pronunciation for the word chakra.
Father Satan has a green ooga with little pink shackers.
by Satanic Jesus March 21, 2006
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"That gay shacker deserves it"
by DOUG October 11, 2003
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City dwellers who travel to the north woods in attempt to blend in with the locals, but have no clue how to drive in a small town.
Well, the shackers are back in town.
by Shackerhacker December 11, 2019
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A non-knowledgable Radioshack employee, or any electronics salesperson who does not know what they are talking about. They like to upsell and dont have a comprehensive knowledge of electronic components
That sales guy was such a Shacker, he didn't even know what an HDMI cable was.
by Josh from the 'Shack August 5, 2007
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A person who is addicted to shatter.
Coke cooked into crack. Addict is cracker
Weed cooked into shatter. Shacker
I just caught that shacker hitting his rig in the mcdicks parking lot.
by Aint trippin January 22, 2017
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