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an insult for someone who is gay and retarded; or it could be for someone who is lame and stupid. also see: gaytarded
by Heather May 26, 2005
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Two insults combined into one, as if to say one is a gay retard without wasting your breath on the 're' part.
Lisa: Hey, did Jack just let someone kick him in the balls for a dollar?

Jon: Yeah, he's a real Gaytard. I would have at least made it five!
by [KrystalxCore] May 24, 2007
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gay'-tard, adj. Combination of gay* and retard. Used derogatively to refer to someone who is acting gay* and in an idiotic or retarded fashion. The term is rarely used to refer to one's sexual orientation, but may be acceptable to use within certain groups (i.e. - a group of friends who are homosexual). The term is a development in the late 1990's, combining two slurs often heard in high school hallways, "retard" and "gay."
1. Get outta my way, you gay-tard.
2. Jesus, that man is a gay-tard. Can't he learn how to drive?
by late February 24, 2004
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Some one who is not a homosexual, but is a complete idiot, and he's so smug and proud that you just want to BASH HIS FACE IN WITH A SHOVEL!!!!!
A "gaytard" sits next to me in english. He occasionally smirks over at me and says something idiotic.
by Norton Johnson December 04, 2006
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Gaytard©- Noun
Pronunciation: (Ga-tard)
Definition: A person that is neither gay or retarded, however acts like they are both.

"Look at him out there dancing, what a gaytard."
"Dude, that is totally gaytarded."
"I believe he suffers from gaytardism."

©Copyright 2006 BALC Sitka Alaska
by Amy Denny September 06, 2006
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a person that can be described as both a gay and a retard
wow, that guy's wearing a pink abercrombie sweatshirt, what a gaytard!
by uhhhMARISSA September 21, 2005
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