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(on aim instant messanger)

Phil: Jill and Lily fucked shit up last night, they both hu with Bill and Harold now theres fucked up drama

Julia: holy fucking shit, so SGD
by awkwardatitspeak March 07, 2010
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Spanish Gangster Disciples. Spanish faction of the GD's Motly in Chicago. Originated in the South side of the Chi but now spread all over even Indiana and other states.
GD:Was Good nigga what you is?
SGD:im folkz nigga, SGD(spanish Gangsta Disciple)
GD: Cool Brotha
by ChiTown goon January 13, 2007
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kALizdRaGoN signed off at 9:05:16 PM.
kALizdRaGoN signed on at 9:08:40 PM.
kALizdRaGoN: sgd
by Jez539 August 16, 2006
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SGD: means Strawberry Goodness Deluxe

It smells like pure diarrhea-ass-fart-poop.

800% diarrhea, 80% turd, and its really chunky.

It takes more than one flush to properly "clean out" the bowl.
Hank: Ahhh man, I gotta take an SGD.

Frank: You'd better get ten rolls of toilet paper and three bottles of Lysol.

an example of a SGD can be found here:
( go to youtube and add this /watch?v=dSjDnwlbi-Y
by Hempn July 12, 2011
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The term 'SGD' stands for Singaporean Dollar. One Singaporean Dollar is around $0.79 in the US currency.
Person 1: 'Hey man, check out how many SGD I have!'
Person 2: 'How much?'
Person 1: '1! 0.79 US dollars!'
Person 2: 'Narly bro'
Person 1: 'Chyeah'
by bootypopper69 March 19, 2014
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