Opinions differ on how to define Gangster Disciples. See GD.
Gangster Disciples are actually a smaller branch of Folk Nation originating in Chicago.
by Jayr Jones April 9, 2006
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The OutLaw Gangster Disciple Nation is a faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang, who which affiliate themselves with the FOLK Alliance.
Person: Ima outlaw gangster disciple from 100 and 13th streeth, Biaset district.
by Braniac00000 November 16, 2013
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A Gangster disciple that beefs with other gangster disciples. You usually see them dropping and throwing up the rakes
Lil duke was a renegade gangster disciple. He dropped the rakes for his opps (Young pappy, who was also a gangster disciple) but is still a gangster disciple.
by Shotta74 July 9, 2018
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The Black Gangster Disciples (BGDs) was a gang from chicago that ended up splitting into two separate gangs in the 90s (black disciples (BGDs) and gangster disciples (GDs)). Some gangs still hold the black gangster disciple name out of chicago and never split up. Gangs that still hold the name include The Insane BGD Family (Chicago, Ohio, Atlanta, South Carolina), GSK36 (Chicago, Florida, Boston, New Jersey) The 274 Farways (New York), and some more smaller unknown street gangs.
"Are You A GD or A BD"
"Im Neither Bro, Im A Black Gangster Disciple"
by bizzy3 July 4, 2021
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bitch ass mu fukein ass wanna be bitch hoes

in5ane unknown all mother fukin dey gdk sdk
5 poppin 6 droppin
by gho5t country August 14, 2008
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Originating from Chicago, Illinois, the 36th Street Gangster Disciples aka' FanzoBlock or Federal Street GD's reside in Stockton, California. A renegade set from the notorious Gangster Disciples started by migrating OG's implementing GD culture into the Valley of California currently being taken over by the youth of Stockton now expanding as far as Merced. It is a estimated number of 59 murders since 2014 around California that the gang has been held responsible for including multiple drug operations ran all around the city of Stockton. Members can be identified by the solid colors of black or blue and the throwing up pitchforks or F (FanzoBlock). Members usually wear their hats to the right. An EverybodyKiller gang that takes part in murder, extortion and drug production and distribution from the SouthSide. Common talk amongst 36th Street GD's consist of the use of the words "Folk". "Foenem", "On Baby", "FB", "On Fanzo" or "36". Rumored to be in connection with FoenemGang supposedly.
The Vice Lords from the East Side of Stockton are at war with the 36th Street Gangster Disciples currently!
by Gang Information Hub June 11, 2019
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