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People from Singapore, an independent island in Southeast Asia. To distinguish Singaporeans from other people, just listen to them speak. If they speak Singlish, a 'dialect' in Singapore (Mixture of English, Chinese dialects, Malay and even Tamil!), they definitely are Singaporean.
British: Would you like a slice of cake?

Singaporean: (very quickly) U wan kek anot?
by SophiaLee June 19, 2014
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1. Europeans who lived in colonial Singapore.
2. Eurasians who lived in the British colony in the early 1900s.
3. Malayans who lived in Singapore when it was expelled from Malaysia in 1965.
4. Present-day citizens who are tolerant of other races and religions, and ready to defend multiracial Singapore.
Today's younger Singaporeans are a complaining and an ungrateful lot: most take Singapore's peace and prosperity for granted—terrorism, nationalism, and antiglobalization could usher them into a future they'd be unprepared for.
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by MathPlus December 11, 2016
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Epic win people who own Koreans except for in algebra and have 100x bigger dicks than them.
Singaporeans have huge cocks.
by FuckMyPussyHardHardx2 October 27, 2009
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