Someone you find sexy and you would like to get into their pants.

Sometimes refering to the fact that they look good in their pants.
Come over here sexy pants and give me some.
by Fred|erika May 6, 2008
A chick with a fine body with great fitting pants that show off that ass
Danielle was wearing Sexy pants and sent me to boner town
by Pribble03 September 24, 2014
The person known as "Sexy Pants" is unbalanced and loves to smoke the cock as much as possible. Not only does he love to suck penis like one massive joint full of gay pot, he also loves to ride the cock as well. He'll ride it long and hard into the morning light.
by Lover June 25, 2003
Also known as Shah Rukh Khan, one of India's biggest (and dreamiest) Bollywood stars. He dances, he swoons and has killer dimples. SRK also managed to rock a hell of a mullet in the early days of his career.
Look on at the dimples on that guy! He's a total Mr. Sexy Pants.
by ieatmybrocolli January 10, 2012
A sexy party that is being held in your pants. Usually includes topless college girls and small boys.
by /a/non August 24, 2009
Pants that make your ass cheeks look fly
Guy: Ouugh thicky Nicky those sexy pants are making you thiqqq
by Funnygirlincanada April 1, 2019