When a girl is placed on the penis and moves back, forward, and on the sides to please the male through anal intercourse
man, last night i told that bitch she betta ride it, or she'd be on the street again
by notsag December 10, 2007
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The phrase used to describe the event in which one person makes another person "flinch" via pretending to punch them, pretending to throw something at them, or through any other agressive action in which you do not actually touch or hit the subject. If the person flinches (just blinking does not count as flinching) from this action you have the right to say "ride it." When said the guilty party (the one who flinches) must grab your arm which you will hold at a 90 degree angle and the guilty party must grab onto it with either hand and with the other hand must hold it up and twirl it with one finger up as if they were signaling a homerun. Depending on the severity of the flinch, the victim might need to make noises. "Riding it," is a sign of respect for the person who is being rid.
(fake punch)
stefan: you flinched ride it pussy
greg: stfu i didnt flinch
mike: yeah you did you little bitch
greg: ok fine
(rides it)
by toxic540 June 6, 2007
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The act of soliciting a prostitute for some action.
I saw this hot chick by the bus stop so I axed her if she wanted a 'ride ride'.

Hooker: May I have a ride?

John: You mean a 'ride ride'?
by Giarc Aldeberon April 7, 2006
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someone offering their cock to be inserted either in one's ass or pussy
Hey baby, wanna ride this ride?

I'll let you ride this ride if you think you can take it?
by gregsd June 7, 2006
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When you exchange a ride somewhere in a person's car for a sexual ride on/with said person.
Suzy: "Hey Jim can I get a ride home?"
Jim: "Sure, Ride for Ride?"
Suzy: "Ok! fair enough!"
-Jim gives her a ride home and they fuck each other's brains out-
by pubesicleman September 29, 2014
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Allowing a female hitch-hiker to tag along in exchange for consensual intercourse.
The greatest kick in trucking apart from knocking down a biker is swinging up a roundabout and picking up a hiker. You're chatting up that piece of skirt who's sitting by your side and then pop that crucial question: A RIDE FOR A RIDE?
by casdebom April 4, 2011
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instead of being a ride or die and you are the one who wanna live you will be called a ride or ride
you get in a deadly fight and you sit back and call the cops cuz you cherish your life so your a ride or ride
by mbarteee August 23, 2010
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