A level of thickness that has transcended the physical three-dimensional world and goes into the fourth dimension. No current case is recorded of someone who has survived encounters with such a beings characteristic.
I heard a story once of a girl who was so thiqqq that when she went to school the students, staff, and the physical school itself were never seen again.
by Knowledge man November 30, 2017
Unlike its beta brother "thiqqq", thiQQQ transcends beyond the discussion of the dimensional universe as we know it. No known encounters have been recorded though mathematical theory proves that such a level exists.
Cameron: "Bro how do we even know such a thickness as thiQQQ exists?"
Austin: "Quick maths my friend."
by The Math 255 Gang December 2, 2017
When your girl so damn THICC you need to use a different letter to describe it
Bob: Damn shes Thick
Martin: Don't you mean Thiqqq?
by HAileeGUthrie November 12, 2020
Thiqqq when something is thicker than a stick or a pick but a pic ke that fits in your very thiqqq d**************K
Wow bob, isn't she thiqqq"ya she is very thiqqq".
by cuz i want to May 30, 2019