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A cup stored close to the bed in which guys ejaculate into to save them having to clean up
My mom came into my room the other day before I got a chance to hide my sexcup
by anon_melb August 05, 2009
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A cup which holds cum, primarily after sex.

This was mainly brought into the world by Shane Dawson off one of his"Emo Bop" video where he was pictured with some 'girls' (which was his dressed up). One picked up a cup and went; "Oh is that a beer?" and while she was drinking it, he went; "Oh no no! That's my sex cup!" She spat out the fluids, which was meant to be cum.
"Hey, a milkshake!" "No man, don't drink that. That's my sex cup!"

"Oh no no! That's my sex cup!" "What's a sex cup?"
by sexycup123 August 29, 2009
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When you masturbate and orgasm into those cups you find at parties and events etc.
i Didn't wanna clean up any mess tonight so i used my sex cup
by Scottyraps August 20, 2009
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