A silly slang term some people use for the "Village Inn" restaurant since their sign uses the abbreviation "vi" which is also a Roman numeral 6
Six has some really good pies.
by Just_sayin' July 30, 2018
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The name of the extremely amazing and absolutely brilliant musical.
Six is my absolute favourite musical and I hope I get a chance to see it one day.
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Another name for the city of Toronto! Made famous by the Rapper Drake.
We're going to the six tonight and hit up the night life.
by Undercovermom March 24, 2017
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"Catch my six" (Watch my Ass)
"I'll kick your six"(I'll kick your ass)
"Kiss my six" (Kiss my ass)
by JohnC1234 June 12, 2012
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Six is the name of the android who was the sex slave on the crew of the cartoon Tripping The Rift.

A girl who is Six is so serenatastic that she is probably is an android after all, and therefore most likely designed for one purpose in a virtual world.

And who could argue with that?
Enough of Chode. Give me Six any day. I don't care if she's virtual, I am virtually in love with her.
by verbusaccidentibus August 9, 2010
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To refuse to call something by its new name, the classic example being Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, which people refuse to call Avenue of the Americas even though the name change occurred over 60 years ago.

Often the "sixing" is a matter of principle, where a perfectly good name is changed for politically correct, corporate, or other inane reasons. "Sixing" long after the name change has occurred is known as "deep six."
1) The RFK Bridge? Six that! Triboro for life.

2) Person 1: You still callin' it Idlewild? They changed it to JFK in 1963!

Me: The deep six remains in effect, after all a man is nothing without his principles.
by Harlem River Rider March 8, 2010
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Six is the hottest number ever and six is so hot that hes epic
Six is hot
by PPharry November 6, 2020
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