a sexual escapade; a wild and oftentimes illicit sexual episode
Last night was great! I had a sexcapade with my hot neighbour.
by iheartsexcapades April 18, 2005
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An adventurous and somewhat risky sexual endeavor.
Did you hear about her sexcapade? They did the "dirty deed" on her mom’s office desk.
by DictionaryGoddess June 11, 2007
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1. a period of sexual indulgence

2. an incident of a sexual nature
Another celebrity sexcapade is causing a moral panic.
by The Return of Light Joker April 26, 2009
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Sexual excapades. Can be anything related to sex, but is generally wild and slightly dangerous
Our sexcapade on the golf course last night ended when the groundskeeper found us.
by americanhoney March 11, 2009
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1.A wild or reckless adventure to find sex.

2.Wild or adventuress sex.
Martha: Hey, how'd your sexcapade go?
Betty: Awesome, I'm not a virgin anymore!


Karl: I heard you had a sexcapade.
Wentworth: Yeah, sex on the Eifel Tower is awesome!
by Hannah Lamb August 19, 2007
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When you go on an adventure in which you have sex with a shitload of people in a very short time.

Origin: 'Sex' and 'escapade' together.
Me: You know that bitch that got fucked up the ass by a black guy in a movie theater in eighth grade?

Jimmy fuckup: Yeah, why?

Me: She's goin' on buttsexcapades all the time now.
by Geesta December 3, 2004
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When one engages in a sexual conquest to conquer (sexually) every man/woman in their path, similar in magnitude to the Crusades.
After being released from prison, Kyle engaged in sexcapade to relieve himself.
by David Hinkle October 18, 2007
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