A word commonly confused with sapient, self-aware, conscious. Sentient merely means "having senses; capable of sensing".
Even a lowly rat is fully sentient.
by wnoise April 14, 2010
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The state of consciousness whereby the individual has that quality which make him capable of questioning his existence.
Human beings are sentient creatures.
by Fuzzer March 10, 2005
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The ability to know that you exist, and to be able to think apart from your primal instincts with logic.
by TheTRUTH May 22, 2003
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A sentient is a living creature, whether it's habitat be land, air, water, or a combination of these. Sentients are sensitive to light, heat etc but most importantly they can feel pain.
Humans, cod, turkeys, crabs, pigs, dogs, rats etc. are all sentient creatures.
Girl - I'm going to get a sentient for my birthday.
Boy - Eh?
Girl - It's the polite way to say pet, pet is so last century.
Boy - What sort of animal will you chose? I've got a dog - he's great.
Girl - Well I've thought a long time about it and I've decided to get a rescued rat.
Boy - Yuk! A rat - you are seriously losing it.
Girl - Why? I all think rodents are lovely.
by Pigsty March 17, 2007
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n: any member of a race (talking in the universe here) possessing the aforementioned abilities
Greetings sentient!
by Outis November 05, 2003
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Being aware of something
A door being aware of the sensor picking you up, and thus opening, it is thus sentient
by Noximous September 12, 2012
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An argumentative internet troll who specializes in disrupting the user base of single topic forums with persistently negative and contemptuous posts.
This is a discussion forum, not an "argue ad nauseam about narratives and biases you hold like blood feuds that span decades" forum, you sentient buttplug.
by Senbutt May 06, 2018
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