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To Boy George is to cry like a lil bitch. "Do you really want to hurt me... Do you really want to make me cry?"
Are you about to Boy George on me?
Don't be a Boy George?
by TheTRUTH April 08, 2005
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Any car that is made in America.
Most of these do not neccesarily suck, as I own a car that had 90,000 miles on it, coming close to 100,000.

Buying a foreign car does not put ANYONE out of work, becuase there are more than one hundred-fifty million people who own cars. At least three-quarters of whom own a $20,000 American car (on average).
by TheTRUTH June 03, 2003
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Is a SMOKING hot blonde teen, with a really nice ass, big tits that will make your day.
Man Hottie (AlexaNeff) has a smoking hot ass!
by TheTRUTH June 02, 2014
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A really nice guy who is simple and always ready for a challenge in life. Also a man of good looks with the personality to match.
Krishneal is such a good cunt!
by TheTRUTH February 10, 2012
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The ability to know that you exist, and to be able to think apart from your primal instincts with logic.
by TheTRUTH May 22, 2003
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He's a good rapper but his lyrics suck
Did ya hear the latest from DZK? He tried to diss Fokissed but in reality Fokissed has got a whole lot more skill than him
by TheTRUTH March 06, 2005
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A scale used to describe how beautiful someone is. it starts at the lowest with ugly, then progress up with pretty, cute, beautiful, should be illegal to be this beautiful, indescribable, and then ends with the top rating of camryn. this top rating refers to the name of the most beautiful girl the creator of this system has ever seen.
"hey bro, what would you rate that girl?"
"using the beauty scale, pretty"
"damn bro! thats pretty low"
by TheTRUTH April 28, 2012
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