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a word with many meanings such as whats up, yup, yes, you're welcome, ok,
Thanks for picking me up dawg. yerp

you want some food? yerp
by TheTRUTH June 2, 2003
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He's a good rapper but his lyrics suck
Did ya hear the latest from DZK? He tried to diss Fokissed but in reality Fokissed has got a whole lot more skill than him
by TheTRUTH March 6, 2005
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u-vill is full of losers who put shitty ass definitions online about the school and the people in it when not everyone in the school is a druggy and not everyone is rich... yes some ppl have cool cars and expensive clothes and yes there are people who are druggies... but there are normal people in there so grow up and do something useful with your life instead of writing stupid shit on here to make yourself feel better

im out... lata bitches
yeah go do some homework yah fuckheads
by TheTRUTH May 2, 2005
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Is a SMOKING hot blonde teen, with a really nice ass, big tits that will make your day.
Man Hottie (AlexaNeff) has a smoking hot ass!
by TheTRUTH June 2, 2014
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Any car that is made in America.
Most of these do not neccesarily suck, as I own a car that had 90,000 miles on it, coming close to 100,000.

Buying a foreign car does not put ANYONE out of work, becuase there are more than one hundred-fifty million people who own cars. At least three-quarters of whom own a $20,000 American car (on average).
by TheTRUTH June 3, 2003
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A really nice guy who is simple and always ready for a challenge in life. Also a man of good looks with the personality to match.
Krishneal is such a good cunt!
by TheTRUTH February 10, 2012
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