The senses is evident in many people after smoking marijuana. When one has the senses, their reaction time is greatly increased along with hand-eye coordination which allows the person to do incredible things that normally would be very difficult to do. The senses become extremely useful in sports and drinking games such as beer pong or flip cup.
Believe in the senses and they will be good to you.
example 1 "Stu is smoking a bong and mike throws a lighter at Stu from across the room. Stu sees the lighter out of the corner of his eye and catches it while continuing to smoke his example of The Senses"

Example 2 "Tom and Brent are playing beer pong and haven't sunk any cups. Tom lights up a pipe for them and they miraculously sink the opponents cups for an amazing comeback." The Senses aids in winning drinking games.

Example 3 "Brad (drunk) accidentally knocks his beer off the table. Tom (high) makes a heroic grab and saves the beer from hitting the floor or any spillage."
by Random Phantom February 4, 2010
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It is used to distinguish between two possible senses of a word or phrase.
I wouldn't describe myself as black in the sense that I do not actually have black-coloured skin - it is brown.
by Zami Karzai September 9, 2018
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something you can make, but only if you are born with it, althoug everyone has 5, some people can have 6 or more as well. You can also have a sense of something eg humour, but even having all these qualities doesn't mean everything makes sense. Got that?
by JimmyK September 12, 2003
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"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on since the beginning of time, hasn't it?"
"In a sense."
by Queen Buttrix June 10, 2021
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Short for Sensemilla aka Marajuana. Usually used in London by rudeboys.
'Ey Rudeboy you got any sense to bus me.
by Random Jack September 18, 2003
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Joshua Farrington doesn’t make any sense
(Joshua Farrington isn’t understandable)
by Yeetssysydydy March 23, 2019
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