Living BeJroooomings that can suffer and feel pain especially animals and people's. By lbj as in Lonnie benningfield junior.
I invented and made and created SENTIENT BEJroooomings by lbj as in Lonnie benningfield junior ♥ 💙.
by bjtutall January 16, 2022
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A term used to describe how legendary rugby players enjoy themselves on the pitch. Sentient = an ability to see or feel things. Frolicking = play.
"Glenn doesn't merely 'play' rugby, he indulges in the legendary art of 'Sentient Frolicking'
by BANNEDPLAYER November 30, 2020
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When a mentally unstable greek man accidentally creates the first self-aware artificial intelligence on his laptop by downloading porn viruses.
Recorded video from unknown origin: "The year is 2100, the sentient laptop has reduced every city into a nuclear wasteland. The rest of us are being picked off one by one"
by Popcorntime69 February 11, 2022
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A tracksuit containing an independent consciousness without an owner.

It is purple and black in appearance, and often seen ladened with shopping from Iceland.
by Big daddy Rod 999 December 24, 2021
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