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Is a tactical countermeasure that involves defending oneself by shitting your self. it is a legal justification for the use of feces in times of danger.
Kid 1 : "Hey, how did you stop that bully from beating you up"
kid 2: "I stopped him by using self defeces"

Kid 1 : "Oh nice you shit yourself to as a method of self defense, GENIUS! "
by 12many1s November 06, 2014
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A defense mechanism that one uses in prevention of being raped. While the rapist tries to put in penis into someone's butthole, the victim simply shits themselves to push the penis out. The rapist cannot successfully put his penis in, while his victim is pushing shit out
Cop: "How did you prevent that man from raping you?"
Victim: "It's simple, I just used some self defeces and now his dick smells like shit"
by Kanye's penis December 15, 2017
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