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The clap-clap mix (sometimes referred to as the 'clap-clap list') pays homage to the romantic possibilities introduced by a device called 'The Clapper'. An 'As Seen on TV' product, The Clapper features a sound activated electronic circuit, which allows a user to turn on/off electronic devices plugged in to an outlet simply by clapping. A generation of on-screen (and we must assume, real life) smooth operators used The Clapper to cue 'romance'.

In the 2006 film, Accepted, Bartleby (Justin Long) set up a clapper in his dorm room to activate a disco ball and mood lighting. In the 1999 comedy Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Austin Powers (Mike Myers) claps twice to activate the "seduction lighting" in his apartment. An impressed Ivana Humpalot (Kristen Johnston) asks "When did you get ze Clapper?". Austin, thinking she means "the clap" replies "Dutch East Indies, shore leave."

The 'clap-clap mix' originally referred to a mix CD or digital playlist of 'romantic' songs, queued up and ready to play when a would-be Romeo clapped the command. Although The Clapper device is largely a relic of times past, the idea of a ready-to-go, romantic, sensual, sexy playlist (continually updated with the hot-and-heavy or whimsical ballads of the age) persists. Many, this author included, will forever know this 'in the mood' playlist as the 'clap clap mix'.

These artists are standard starters on any clap-clap mix: Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Frank Sinatra...
His clap-clap mix, crafted over years of intimate encounters, kicked in from speakers across the room, and as she melted into his embrace, the smooth stylings of Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' echoed in the warm hollows of their caramel bodies.
by Rickter Scale February 27, 2011
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A term that stupid people use accidentally when they really mean "self-deprecating" and clever people use on purpose to make poop jokes that stupid people wont get.
The big-time CEO used self-defecating humor to try and relax the crowd. He wanted them to see that he was just a regular guy. Unfortunately, he succeeded only in relaxing his own bowels. No amount of good press will clear that stink.
by Rickter Scale April 18, 2010
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(1) Blog posts that re-state the mind numbingly obvious as if it were original and insightful.

(2) Blog posts that rehash ideas within a given vein that have already circulated ad-nauseam, without adding significantly to them.

(3) Blog posts that put forward ideas so fluffy, feel-good or ambiguous that it is impossible to disagree with them, but they don't add value either.
Many personal development blogs are mostly a compilation of "wisdom" found on refrigerator magnets. We can all agree for instance, that "it's important to be yourself", except when it's more expedient not to be. This is truism blogging.
by Rickter Scale April 24, 2010
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