Someone goofy, fun, clever, clumsy, and does whatever they want (Gia is usually a female). They are selfless and a good friend. They have are not afraid to do something with the cost of embarrassment.
I'm not doing that dare!
Come on, Gia can do it!
by Laila22 December 11, 2016
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Gia is usually a really sweet and understanding girl. She is quite hard to piss off yet extremely forgiving. Even though she is kind she is still strong, skilled, and fast, most people would call her a true badass.

She is very beautiful and has gorgeous natural hair and eyes, but she is not snobby or uses it to her advantage to be 'popular' she is quite the opposite of how some people she her, she is fun loving energetic, weird, and creative, also sharing a love for anything adventures and has to do with outside. Another great quality is that she could care less about all the hate, just don't say something bad about her friends. If you ever have a Gia in your life don't let her slip away because she is the best girlfriend for you guys or the best friend with amazing listening skills, and the best advice for you girls.
Girl: I just meet this girl today, she was so sweet and caring and gave me the yes advice when she kindly listened to what I had to say!
Guy: Oh you must be talking about my wonderful girlfriend, Gia.
by evermore2626262626265656 September 8, 2013
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The most real girl you'll ever know. She is a fighter and is loyal to true friends. May seem crazy, but has good intentions at heart. Unless you really get on her bad side.
Person 1: Heard of that girl, Gia?
Person 2: Oh yeah, she's such a queen!
by Sippinteainyourhood August 28, 2017
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A girl who is awesome, gorgeous , super funny and extremely athletic. She has tons of guy friends but doesn’t like any of them like that. She is really smart too. She does great in school but can be pretty difficult sometimes. Gia’s are chill but don’t settle till they get what they want.
Guy: omg there’s Gia, she is really funny but I kinda hate her cause she’s annoying too.

Guy 2: so u don’t want to hang with her?
Guy: uhh of course I do, I would do anything for her, I love her but cmon she’s crazy.
Guy 2: yeah let’s go talk to her now.
by 111111111111113 February 17, 2018
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The hottest girl you will ever meet. Not only the hottest, but sweetest. Super trustworty. She is a man magnet! Best in bed too! But doesnt have time for fake people. Also, she is very dirty minded, so watch out. Amazing friend! Makes a lot of eye contact, so dont look away!
Did you see Gia last night?
Hell yeah she lit up the room with her hotness!
by Harry Tonin December 2, 2018
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-dude magnet
-always happy
-crazy imagination and great sense of adventure
-loves outdoors
-beautiful eyes
"Hey did you see that girl the other day? She is an awesome rock climber!"
"Oh you must be talking about Gia."
by werewolflover August 5, 2013
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A girl who is really hot has a nice personality and looks for peace
have you seen gia?
oh that one girl thats really nice?
ya that one
by annelia April 19, 2009
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