When you want to tell somebody to GET OFF! Take a rest! Have a break! It's a street slang for major English speaking countries, combined from to parts.

GO TO - which tells the direction!
FUCK - which tells the action! (meaning to "get lost")
Would you please go to fuck and stop bugging me?
Go to fuck! Leave me alone.
Fuck off!
Get lost!
by edavrio February 5, 2012
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When someone becomes extremely excited or stimulated as if they had a severe form of A.D.D. Much like Going Ape Shit, but usually in a more positive way. Similar to a fangasm.
Joe Bob McHootenanny: "I was in the mall the other day and I didn't want to get anything I didn't need. Then a lady by the toy store offered me a huge figure of the Big Daddy from Bioshock that was so well sculpted and painted it looked real! I proceeded to start going butt fuck and payed the $245 it cost... And that's why we can't afford to pay the rent this month, honey."
by nickreaper August 3, 2011
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This is the little-known twin brother of "Go Fuck Yourself." However, the demand is slightly more humiliating and degrading -- as the prospect of getting fucked by some unknown force in an unknown orifice is much more unsettling than merely fucking yourself, or masturbating.

Can be shortened to GGF for brevity.
Steve: Blake told me you had sex with my sister last night.

Buck: Yeah, well you can tell Blake to go get fucked.
by jbarryd October 30, 2007
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-phrase you tell someone that's pissing you the hell off, or simply not worth your time
Malik Henry-Williams: "What's up man?"
Jake: "Go the fuck away."
by TheStankiest August 5, 2020
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almost same meaning as go to hell, but in a much more rude way
boy: Hey babe, care to come with me??
girl: go and fuck yourself
by number1dubagoor July 30, 2015
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When you want someone to die and tell them... impolitely.
Man 1: Hello
Man 2: Hi

Man 1: I hate you
Man 2: I hate you more
Man 1: Fuck, Uh uh uh... go to fucking hell????
by Da personnnnn June 24, 2021
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you tell this to someone when they're so fucking annoying
haha I have ligma

by Arxify January 21, 2023
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