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that little flap of skin between your cock and your ass that has too much hair and itches like fuck
by Jeremiah & Nathan November 21, 2003
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The space of epidermis constituting the area betwixt the anal opening and the scrotum of a male, although a female also has a significantly smaller area of equal definition(substituting vaginal crevice instead of scrotum, of course). See also The New Jersey.
I loved the face my girlfriend made as she tongued my grundel. The amount of pleasure was infinitely excellent.
by Santa Claus December 08, 2003
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A grundel in Boston is that Area on a guy between his Balls and his crack.

When it gets to hot and you've been walking a lot it may start to chafe, and then you have grundlitis.
My grundel is starting to chafe up on me.

I got some mad grundel cheeze brewing down there.
by dOEPain July 19, 2005
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The section of skin between the beginning of one's asscrack and the ending of their sexual organs.
"Yo homeskillet, I was twanging on this hoodrat's grundel last night and her fuppy dislodged and knocked me out cold."
by Tmurda November 27, 2002
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1. (n.) The area of skin between the anus and the genitalia in either sex (see also 'taint)
2. (v.) A complex variation of "mooning" in which one applies the flesh of one's bare buttocks (usually the hairier buttocks of the male) directly to the face of the victim, especially when the victim is seated on the floor and distracted. To apply one's buttocks to the back of the NECK of someone seated on the floor is known as a "reverse Grundel."
I was sittin' on the floor playing "Fight Night Round 3" when Jeff Richard came in and gave me a reverse Grundel! I had to scrub the back of my neck!
by Darryl X. December 18, 2007
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