verb tense - to examine closely
In the works of Frank Zappa Joe's Garage Acts I, II, III- the central scrutizer stated: This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... it is my responsibility to enforce the laws that haven't been passed.
by Kelly August 16, 2004
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Scrutin is a basic look out word. If someone is about to say something and they think nobodys around but then you see someone is you can say scrutin and they will automatically know to keep there mouth shut. Its basically saying lookout
David: I hate Mrs.Lee so much

The teacher walks near

Jacob: Scrutin
by Ashley Grace Burr July 22, 2008
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Word used by East Coast, private-school educated dolts who believe they appear smart by using "big" words that almost sound correct, but clearly are not. See George W. Bush and "strategery" for examples.
How scrutinous are bagel buyers looking at the price of cream cheese as they summer on Martha's Vineyard?
by Rufus F. November 21, 2008
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A word made up by the British to describe rude people who go through your bags at the airport
"That scrutineer rummaged through my luggage and asked about my toothbrush."
by anglophile January 10, 2014
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A meticulous person/An observer/ someone that can easily read people because of how much attention they pay to details. Those people will notice what most people don’t and they Value Energy. Vibes if you will.
1. Yo be careful how you come at that Him/Her; he/she is a real life Soul Scrutinizer that will detect your B.S. from a mile away.

2. The training he/she received from the Academy turned him/her into a Soul Scrutinizer.
by Kenly Forbz December 4, 2020
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<Xyrena> So... Anyone got anything special planned for The Scrutinization of Single People Day?
20:41:17 <SD> trying to get laid any way i can cyber or other wise
<DragonLord> lol
* Xyrena nods
<Xyrena> Yup.. Seems to be the idea of it all.
by Mandy Blevins February 6, 2006
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