my spiritual father. most known for his association with the mothers of invention or simply the mothers. he was also a composer, producer, guitarist, and film director. his music is fuckin awesome! avant garde and sort of eccentric to most people but just fuckin rad if you listen to good music. he incorporated rock n roll with obvious undertones of jazz, classical, and other musical collages and mashups. its like listening to a movie instead of watching one if that makes sense. kids my age don't even know zappa. damn shame. he's one if not the only original orginalists and truly creative pioneers of music out there. he also gave his offspring wicked ass names. he's on par with my other musical god jim morrison.

he's a saggitarius, as jim. they are known for being the most philosophical and creative signs out there. i needs to find me a mighty archer baby.
Random Dude: "Who the fuck is Frank Zappa?"

Me: "Who the fuck is Lady Gaga?"
by Housewife Vagina February 5, 2010
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A guy whose music is like jumping in the deep end on a hot summer's day. It looks weird from the outside, you've thought about it but can't bring yourself to do it, but you try. It's cold as fuck at first and you have to tread water, but then, hey, you get used to it. Then it gets comfortable, and you don't want to get out. And look all around! The beauty surrounding you, palm trees and little things you wouldn't have really sat down and observed without the cold shock of the water, and each time you go back in the pool you find something brand new. Go, listen.
Joe: Hey, how long have you listened to Frank Zappa?
Greggery: Maybe a year or two. I've listened to all his stuff.
Joe: Yeah? What about Waka Jawaka?
Greggery: Huh?
by WeezyEd February 22, 2021
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A visionary, a real musician, and one damn fine guitarist. Frank didn't give a damn about musical labels or conventions. He collaborated with everyone from Flo & Eddy to George Duke to Tuvian Throat Singers. He was also the first to realize that dental floss was an important cash crop to the state of Montana.
Frank Zappa was a genius
by DonH October 3, 2003
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The greatest musician in modern history. Everybody should have at home at least one of his album.
by ThingFish November 1, 2003
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He Was A Great Composer, And Guitar Player.

He Referred To His Work As Project Object, As All Of His Work Was Part Of A Major Project Which Was All In Relation Which Each Other.

Examples Used By Him Were, For Instance: Blowjobs, Which Appeared In Alot Of Albums Over A Span Of Years, Not Because He Had An Obsession With Them But Because It Was To Unify The Collection. Also Fido Was Used In Some Albums Three Years Apart Or More From Each Other, The Fido He Speaks Of Is The Same Fido The Dog He Said In Earlier Albums, Again For Reasons Of Unifying His Collection, Of What Is Known As Project Object.

He Wanted To Run For President. He Stated On Crossfire, He Was A Conservative. He Understood The Concept That, America Is Disguised As A Democracy, But It Is Really Moving Towards A Facist Theocracy, As The Government Is Creating Laws Which Abide By Christian Beliefs, This Is Not Fair As This Country Was Created To Be A Melting Pot And Not For Certain Christians To Run And Bend Laws Around.

He Also Understood The Concept Schools In America Were Mediocre. If You Think About It They Are Run To Benefit The Government, It Makes Alot Of Sense That College Education Generally Allows You To Make A Higher Wage. If The Government Is Getting Money From You Going Out With That Degree And Doing Business For Them Oversees, Or What Not, Then Chances Are They Can Afford To Have The American Dollar Worth More As There Making And Pocketing More Than They Were With Someone Who Doesnt Have A Degree Per Say Cutting Glass, Because That Doesn't Help Benefit Them, Which In Return Makes The Worth Of The Dollar Stay The Same. Basically If You Want A College Education, Which Isn't Nessicarily A Good Or Bad Thing, You Whats Known As The Governments Whore. You Do The Bitch Work For Them So They Pocket Alot And Can Afford For You To Make A Higher Wage Because The American Dollar Is Now Worth More, Basically Your Being Bended Over Backwards So To Speak. I Believe The Government Set Up Today's Society Needing A Degree For The Reasons Above. The Government Should Be Used For National Security, But It Also Is A Group Of People Who Brainwash Alot Of Others.
Frank Zappa's Packard Goose Lyrics:

Oh no, you gotta go
Who do you write for?
I wan u a know
I believe you is the governments whore
And keeping peoples dumb is where you're
C'oming from
And keeping peoples dumb is where you're coming from
Fuck all them writers with the pen in their hand
I will be more specific so they might understand
They can all kiss my ass
But because its so grand
They best just stay away

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, Joe, who did you blow?
Ìîå pushed the button boy
And you went to the show
Better suck a little harder or the shekels won't flow
And I don t mean your thumb
So on your knees you bum
Just tell yourself it's yum
And suck it till you're numb
Journalisms kinda scary
And of it we should be wary
Wonder what became of Mary?
by Chris Viktor Vaughn G. September 5, 2006
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A crazy guitarist with an insane sense of humour. He unserted random sound effects and funny lyrics into his songs, and this guy could fucking shred
I have a message to deliver to the cute people of the world...if you're
cute, or maybe you're beautiful...there's MORE OF US UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS OUT THERE THAN YOU ARE!! So watch out.
_Frank Zappa
r.i.p. you crazy bastard, you will be missed
by ManOfTheDiaspora June 10, 2005
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