Used in a Saturday Night Live sketch parodying the 2000 presidential debates in which George W. Bush (played by Will Farrell) uses the word to summarize his campaign. The term satirizes Bush's propensity for mispronunciation. (The episode of SNL aired on October 7, 2000.)
Question: "George W. Bush. In your own words please summarize your presidential campaign."

Bush: "Strategery."
by Rev. Lovejoy February 5, 2005
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The key to George W. Bush's presidency. Used by janky strategerists.
Dude: "How would you sum up your campaign in one word Mr. Bush?"
Bush: "Strategery"
by big Al February 4, 2003
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N. An ill-conceived and/or poorly-executed plan of action (which would be considered "strategy" were it not so ill-conceived and/or poorly-executed).
The Iraq post-war operation has proven to be a masterful piece of strategery.
by Viet-Tam Luu July 8, 2004
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Any and all elements regarding, for example, the act of strategy and its planning, execution, etc.
"Strategery....that should actually be a word!"
by Dave January 17, 2004
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Used in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which Bush (Will Farrell) uses the word as his response to sum up the Iraqi War.
Stategery is how we will win this war.
by Brian Hendricks November 1, 2004
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N. Strategic (dumb-ass) planning on the part of one or more persons.
"The Bush administration used lots of strategery to overcome the environmentalists and their silly concerns about human health and natural preservation"
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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Special unit batallion specialist tactics commando airborn tactics...Agent orange.
I used my strategery to thwart 'Charlie'
by Billy Ray Valentine, Capricorn September 30, 2003
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