A small stick of wood stuck under the skin, or pearcing the body's protection. The opposite of schlong. When referring to a girl who gets too many splinters, it is refered to as a whore or more commonly, slut.
Nat goes to the baseball games to pick up some splinters.
by Jameridith March 4, 2007
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A fucking sharp piece of shit that hurts so bad
i got a splinter in my ass
by eastgod November 29, 2018
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a guy with a small penis who gets "wood" or a hard on, but since it's small, it's called a splinter.
"oh man, look at that guy's splinter! mwhaha"
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a guy/girl that is annoying and won't leave you alone; someone who calls and talks too much, etc.
"He called me like 8 times today...such a splinter!
by nilya February 15, 2007
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The act of splintering is when a man puts his penis in between a girls armpit and masturbates. Recent polls show that more and more teens are splintering. In a recent study, 68% of sexually active teens between the age 14-16 say they have splintered before.
ex. Dude, i was splintering Seth's mom last night and Seth walked in on us!

ex. Were you splintering with Alyssa after Homecoming, because I thought I heard you all in the bathroom?
by SR, HW, and LS September 5, 2008
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