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A graduated cylinder and/or beaker cleanser that is basically magic. The name says it all. It is a solution to anything. Get leftover experiment residue on your beaker? Soapy solution can fix that. Drop your beaker and it shatters? Soapy solution can fix that. Burn your beaker to smithereens? Soapy solution can fix that. Soapy solution is to be used responsibly. Using this great power any more than you have to, and soapy solutions can control your life. Soapy solution is a force to be reckoned with.
Ted dropped his glass beaker, but he wasn't worried, because he knew soapy solution could fix it.
by Lil’Fish March 13, 2015
The people who don't approve your word for Urban Dictionary
"Why won't these scrotum suckers ever approve my word!"
by Lil’Fish March 10, 2015
The row on the periodic table that you rip off and roll into a blunt and smoke it like an OG. Often used by dope chemistry teachers.
When we walked into chemistry class, we caught our teacher smoking the crudest row.
by Lil’Fish March 10, 2015
A mixture of water and dry ice. When mixed, a spooky fog spills from the glass. You will suffocate if you drink it.
We told Ted not to drink the spooky drink, but he did and now he's in the hospital.
by Lil’Fish March 12, 2015
Someone who swims in the pussy
“Lil’ Fish
They call me Lil’ Fish ‘cause I be swimming in that pussy”
- Meek Mill
by Lil’Fish March 11, 2019
Someone who staples their papers so poorly that the teacher gets pissed and calls them out
Ted stapled his papers 5 times, so the teacher called him a stupid stapler.
by Lil’Fish March 10, 2015