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In video gaming, the act of killing one's enemy using a fatal attack to their testicles. Made famous by Dead to Rights: Retribution.
Shadow finished off his enemy with a scrotality.
by Izm345 April 26, 2010
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An expletive, referring to something unfortunate happening to ones balls.
- I think that was your mom we just backed over.
- Scrotality
by slasher March 26, 2003
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similar to brutality ... when a persons own verbal, physical or mental bollocks are inflicted or threatened towards another party i such a way as to cause "scrotality" with intent to harm, defraud or cause suffering to another ...
the way he dealt with the matter like that was sheer brutal bollocks , complete scrotality. how dare that scrote inflict his bollocks views on people so brutally
by schizoprenia isnt lonely February 08, 2014
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