Cassie was insubordinate when she hit Jehosafat.
by Jehosafat July 29, 2008
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BULLSHIT, not listening to teachers, pulling down pajama pants during class and getting detention.
Mrs. Blair is a real jive turkey for giving me detention for insubordination.
by sirotmaniac May 13, 2008
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Not listening to teachers etc; can usually land u in detention cuz those stupid teachers think they own u.
by b-ling March 4, 2005
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When a teacher has no other means, nor issue of a motive to have you removed from the class room simply because there isn't one.
Mr. Bastedo kicked Brian out of the room on grounds of insubordination...because he had no real reason to do so.
by Stolen_darkness September 11, 2005
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Refusal to subjigate
Be knowledgeable of minor & specific detail ignoring insubordinance.
by Hercolena Oliver August 23, 2009
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knowing that you have to take a dump before you go somewhere like work so you try and nothin comes out then you show up at your destination and 10 minutes later you have to take a shit
i had to take a shit this morning before work but i had a insubordinate poop now im sitting on the shitter writing this
by my fingers hurt August 19, 2009
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