Rochester, NY slang that is equivalent to Homie, Associate, Partner, etc.
EX: My scrap John Doe won't be here for a minute, let's chill.
by TheGuyWhoBroughtYouGoodWeed November 03, 2012
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Scrap means for two middle-aged chavs from London have a fight in the streets where only the alpha survives
oi geezer them 2 gym lads are having a scrap outside Morrisons
via giphy
by karen is asking for manager August 09, 2019
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a scrap is a "sureno or a fake as muther fukin bitch that think he/she is a gangster. most scrapz net bang and run wen loco boys come after them. also known as a "sewer rat"
Look! Theres those scraps carlos n jesus briones!
by NORTE_22_CH0LA December 12, 2006
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Little pieces (left overs) of batter left in the deep fryer after making Fish n' Chips in Whitby.
Also known as bits.

A term used by Yorkshire people.
"Jeremy: Now, Whitby is, of course, famous all around the world for its unbelievable Fish and Chips.
James: With Scraps.
Jeremy: You what?
James: Fish and Chips with Scraps. You get scraps. Little bits of batter that stay in the bottom of the fryer.

Richard: Yeah, scraps.
Jeremy: No, they're bits! Fish and chips with bits!
Richard: No, its scraps."
by stoppidfgt123 December 05, 2016
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a fagget ass blue-wearing kat trying to represent the other side other from the northside
Look at the punk ass scrap trying to gang bang.
by Ca$pEr March 22, 2005
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"Faggot ass niggas dat couldnt hang wit real norteños so they started wearing blue to fit in, This aint no American Me Movie"- Get off my block, norteño song
wat dem niggas doing wearing blue up here in Nor Cal lets go mopp on those scraps
by NOR*CAL January 08, 2005
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a punk ass surat cock the hammer back blow his brains out of his dodgers cap
did u see that scrap? yeah he tried to mad dog right up till i busted him in the eye.
by kingofkingzxiv January 20, 2005
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