A term used to describe a quick tussle. Get a few jabs in, get the fuck out sorta thing. Go back for a quick uppercut, then dip for good.
Abu: Deuce ur a fag.
Deuce: You trynna scrap right now?!
by DeuceFactorino February 06, 2014
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The og (orignal gangster) of cats. He will feed any food left out to the dog so you don't think he ate any. He will mew while you are on the phone for hours. He hates being dressed up.

He dances to music and often is tweaking when he walks into a room. He sleeps most of the day and needs to get a job. Scraps likes to roll in dirt and is always trying to escape the house. He only loves one person. Scraps is bad ass and is the og.
dude your cat is a scraps.
by kasfee May 19, 2011
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food from McDonalds. mcdonalds food is greasy and nasty.

see: scraphouse, McDonalds
guy 1: Dude, what are we gonna get for lunch?
guy 2: im broke ass poor. looks like were gonna get some scrap.
by mike July 05, 2004
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That kid sitting down Anthony Maldonado is a fucking scrap
by notascrap October 22, 2011
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