spare parts is an insult used to call someone bottom of the barrel
you're made of spare parts aren't ya bud?
by shesdickeredbud December 29, 2016
Used as an insult. If you say someone is ‘spare parts’ then you’re calling them useless, or they’re so poor at what they are doing that they might as well be doing nothing.

In a co-op video game, if there’s someone in your party that ends up doing jack shit for the team, then you’d say they are “spare parts.”
Player 1: Dude, player 3 got no absolutely no kills the entire round.
Player 2: I know, right? He just sat on his ass the whole game!
Player 1: Yup—he’s spare parts.
by fish_dicks October 7, 2020
When a guy looks skinny and weak but can kick some serious ass when needed.
Damn, that fool Danny looks fuckin small, but i saw him go off on Cordell the other day and man, that dude has got some spare parts.
by BUSHRULES March 10, 2005
part stored to be available in the event of a breakdown.
the car's spare part shall be need when it is not functional
by KOL-F September 10, 2007
Boops had too many beers last night, he’s literally spare parts
by Boops August 8, 2022