(verb) The act of collecting various discarded and unwanted scrap metals and taking such precious metals to a scrapyard for a small but helpful monetary reward. Scrapping is oftentimes very hard and dirty work for a relatively small payoff.
Johnny had been unemployed for a stretch now and was struggling to find any decent work. He had lately taken to the toil and trouble of scrapping so he could at least keep his cigarette habit and continue smoking.
by Nikki Stixx January 28, 2019
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fighting, physical fight, punching , hand to hand fight
Man, those two fools were straight up scrapping.
by Kangoe Joe October 28, 2003
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He's always scrapping for change outside the store.
by Dan August 16, 2004
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to go mud riding in your buddy's 4x4 in Douglas County, Oregon, on a Saturday because there ain't shit else to do. And the scrapping ain't done till all the Busch cans are thrown out the window.

"Hoooweeee, whatchaknowgood, son??!! I got the old man's gas card — you wanna go scrapping or what?"

"Hell yeah — But first ya gotta beer me up, bitch!"
by maynard manolo July 3, 2008
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A disrespectful term that Nortenos say to da Surs (surenos)...
"look at those scraps rite there, I'm finna pull licc on dat scrap"

"I can kill a scrap if you want me to (SCRAP KILLA)"
by shuky August 1, 2006
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Scrap should be the plural noun of Scrap, because Scraps sounds like ass.
For example, English is a horrid language and Scrap is Scrap.
by Professor_Holmes July 12, 2021
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