A person who collects various discarded and unwanted precious metals (aluminum, steel, etc.) and takes said metals to a scrapyard where they are rewarded with a small monetary reward. Such rewards are determined by the type of metal and collective weight. Most often a scrapper does not have a steady/regular paycheck to count on so the scrapping they do is treated like a regular 9 to 5 occupation.
Nicholas knowledge base regarding different types of metals had grown exponentially since he began being a full-time scrapper two years ago. He had become a seasoned scrapper and could easily determine a metal's type by either sight, sound, or touch.
by Nikki Stixx January 28, 2019
Someone who looks small but is really wired and can kick some major ass even though he doesn't look like it.
They started pickin on that guy over there and the little scrapper took 'em all.
by skippy88 December 5, 2005
someone who is very good at fighting and coming out of a fight winning
Jordan is a scrapper, he fought with the quarterback and won
by Nooneuneedtoknow June 28, 2009
(1) Someone who collects and sells scrap and/or trash, others have discarded.

(2) Someone who is habitually involved in physical altercations with other people.
1) The scrapper will be here at six to pick up the unwanted swing set in the backyard.

2) I wish you didn't pride yourself in being a scrapper, you're going to end up in jail.
by BBJSiS November 5, 2016
One who collects scrap metal and cashes it in for cash!
Look at my friend Chris. He just scrapped 2 dryers and and a frigerator and made $45. What a SCRAPPER! He is helping the environment . Business is only good for a strong person. Must be able to load a 200 lb appliance by oneself. ie,, washing machine, oven, itc... Splitting rewards is tough on the pocket.
by scrapper chris April 6, 2010
19th Century term referring to poor people fighting over the scraps left inside a trash can.
"Ol' boy be packing on weight, right? With no cheese, better give a path to the can, he's a mad scrapper".
by Saxman401 January 21, 2008
someone who does something that is annoying and petulant or someone who just plain fucks with people
if i were to pull down your pants you would call me a scrapper
by christian giordano June 17, 2008