a compillation of photos and or memorobelia. scrapbooks are crafty, fun, and entertaining!
I am making a scrapbook so that i can remember fun things that i did.
by Pop yo' colla July 20, 2006
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a sexual maneuver where the man ejaculates onto the female and then used the ejaculate as an adhesive to attach pictures of more attractive looking females onto the body of the female engaged in intercourse. the pictures will then provide the male with the stimulus required to continue intercourse for many hours.
that chick was kind of an uggo but i scrapbooked her so i was able to keep going anyway.
by scrapbooker October 2, 2008
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A book with lots of crap to remember stuff and what not.
That scrapbook brought back a lot of memories!
by abubba1130 July 18, 2009
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The act of opening several photos on a computer/electronic device of your significant other or crush and masturbating while viewing the photos.
This morning, I opened up all of the dirty photos I have of Stephanie and started scrapbooking until my arms got tired.
by Goodson007 February 9, 2015
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A slang term for lesbian intercourse. It is a more appropriate way to say "scissoring". One who practices scrapbooking is a scrapbooker.
Mom, I need to tell you something, I think I'm a scrapbooker and will experiment with scrapbooking.
by Carla "Dewey" Popbrownovich January 21, 2011
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scrapbooking is a practice that some guy's engage in to record all the cumshots they've swallowed as a reward for sucking dick. They take cell-phone videos of themselves sucking dick and then swallowing the all creamy goo that shoots out of guys' dicks.
I've started scrapbooking all the times I suck dick, so have a video record of all the guys I've sucked off in my graduating class, which was a part of my cadet initiation - to suck off any cadet who wanted a blowjob!
by eda-skip December 9, 2022
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When two or more lesbians spend the evening laying around scissoring each other.
While the rest of the crew went out for drinks, Jenn & Rachael decided to stay home to watch Lifetime Network & do some serious scrapbooking.
by Creepy ryno April 20, 2011
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