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Any group of friends whose identity can only be defined as "chill". Anyone who poses, tries too hard, or causes drama is automatically not part of "the crew". There's no initiation, you're either in, or you're not.
Guy #1: What are you doing tonight?
Guy #2: Me and the crew are chillin', probably going to drink some beers.
Guy #1: Dude, what the hell? Why don't you ever invite me over?
Guy #2: Isn't it obvious?
by Tom out in the world February 23, 2008
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The best group of YouTubers there are. Including KYR SP33DY, Deluxe 4, Im Jahova, Deluxe 20, MsHeartAttack, SideArms4Reason, Str8 Mario, The G18, and Shadowbeats. They make gaming videos and are the best at it. KYR SP33DY holds the definition of Seattle Snorkeler
Person A: "I'm gonna go watch The Crew's videos!"
Person B: "Whatever ya fayyg."
Person A: "Why are you being mean?"
Person B: "You're not a true fan."
by ASovo23 November 05, 2012
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A group of friends who are always together. They are usually sexy bad ass hoes. If you try to fuck with one member then you fuck with the whole crew. They make up there own slang, always look out for each other and in most cases have a meeing spot in front of their school. Almost every school has at least one crew.
Mack: Hey kids, what shananigans are you up to today?
tom: Who the fuck says "shananigans"?
Mack: some kids in the crew started saying it so i thought i would-
tom: dude, that is so lame. start your own crew.
by The Chadster November 08, 2007
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a large group of douchebags originating from the columbus music scene. Headed by a wise young man called "hodgey" the crew specializes in talking shit to whoever and whatever they can as well as acting better than everyone else when they are actually incredibly untalented individuals. their daily activities include going to the mall, participating in c (or cii)-pars, trying to find where the partys at, and watching bands on sidestage.
whose the douchebag on sidestage acting better than everyone else? is he in the crew or something?
by douchebagTM614 July 29, 2010
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The Crew is an elite group of young adults whom partake in the festivities of late night extravaganzas including ron de vues in "Bitchin's" basement.
Oh shit! Shots and Bitchin' are totally making out on the couch right now! The crew.
by Bitchin' (meowmix) October 22, 2010
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collective noun
A group of people who hang around with similar interests
Biggest concentration of douche bags in any given place
(usually the latter)
Have you seen "The Crew" ?
"The Crew" think there so cool
by DADT April 27, 2011
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a bunch of slutty skanks, who seem to think theyre better than everyone else. but theyre obviously not. they think everyone loves them and that boys want them when theyre really making up names about them, behind their backs.
i aint allowed to name names, so The Crew are The Crew.
by OME09 October 16, 2009
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